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Added files for En-US translation

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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Next two strings are located at the top of a new tab
# introducing the customizable privacy settings
onboarding.privacy-settings.title=Privacy settings
onboarding.privacy-settings.description=These options allow you to tune important aspects of the browser's behavior so you can choose the balance between practicality and privacy that fits your needs. Changes to these settings apply to all existing tabs and windows (but you may need to reload them for the changes to show on them).
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: The following strings are the different privacy settings
# available. The title is placed next to a button that enables/disables the
# setting and the description is placed just below it
onboarding.disable-javascript.title=Disable JavaScript
onboarding.disable-javascript.description=Disabling Javascript greatly improves privacy, security and <a href=\"\">freedom</a>, but it will break many sites.
onboarding.custom-fonts.title=Do not load custom fonts
onboarding.custom-fonts.description=Custom fonts can be used for <a href=\"\">fingerprinting</a>. Disabling them improves privacy but may make some sites look wrong.
onboarding.tracking-protection.title=Tracking protection
onboarding.tracking-protection.description=Tracking is the collection of your browsing data across multiple websites. Enabling this feature improves privacy, but will regullarly connect to the Internet to fetch updates to the filters.
onboarding.isolate-request-first-party.title=Isolate requests to First Party domains
onboarding.isolate-request-first-party.description=This <a href=\"\">improves privacy</a>, but it may interfere with login into some sites. update extensions automated updates is good for security, but would start Internet connections in the background.
onboarding.spoof-referers.title=Spoof Referers
onboarding.spoof-referers.description=<a href=\"\">Referers</a> tell sites what link brought you there. This feature greatly improves your privacy, but it may break functionality on some sites.
onboarding.detect-captative-portal.title=Detect captive portal
onboarding.detect-captative-portal.description=<a href=\"\">Captive portals</a> are the sites that control access to public wireless networks in hotels, airports, cafes, etc. The detection service is useful if you connect to such netwoks, but it will start connections automatically.
onboarding.geolocation.title=Enable Geolocation
onboarding.geolocation.description=This is commonly used for maps, weather sites, and some stores. It is better to keep it off unless you really need it.
onboarding.webgl.title=Enable WebGL
onboarding.webgl.description=Needed to visualize 3D graphics, but it may expose you to security threats. Enable it only if you really use it.
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