Commit dbd9bd96 authored by Luis Guzmán's avatar Luis Guzmán

restore change

parent dfe57c5b
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ apt-get source $PACKAGE --download-only -c ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/apt.conf
if grep -q "BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE" *.dsc; then
KEY=$(gpg2 --keyid-format 0xlong --verify *.dsc 2>&1 | grep 0x | sed 's/.*0x//' || true)
[ -z "$KEY" ] && KEY=$(gpgv --keyring ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/trusted.gpg *.dsc 2>&1 | egrep ".SA key" | sed 's/.*.SA key //' || true)
apt-key --keyring ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/trusted.gpg adv --recv-keys --keyserver $KEY > /dev/null
apt-key --keyring ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/trusted.gpg adv --recv-keys --keyserver $KEY > /dev/null
touch ${LOCAL_APT}/keyring.gpg
gpg2 --keyring ${LOCAL_APT}/keyring.gpg --import ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/trusted.gpg
gpg2 --verify --keyring ${LOCAL_APT}/etc/trusted.gpg *.dsc
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