Commit ec18a015 authored by Ruben Rodriguez's avatar Ruben Rodriguez

Abrowser: added uBlock Origin extension

parent e3281438
set -e
for extension in 607454; do
rm -rf /tmp/update-extension
mkdir /tmp/update-extension
(cd /tmp/update-extension
wget -O extension.xpi$extension/addon-${extension}-latest.xpi
unzip extension.xpi
rm extension.xpi)
if [ -f /tmp/update-extension/install.rdf ]; then
ID=$(grep em:id /tmp/update-extension/install.rdf |sed 's/.*<em:id>//; s/<.*//' |head -n1)
if [ -f /tmp/update-extension/manifest.json ]; then
ID=$(grep '"id":' /tmp/update-extension/manifest.json |head -n1|cut -d \" -f 4)
rm -rf extensions/$ID
mv /tmp/update-extension extensions/$ID
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