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      Merge branch 'bug/ui13927' into 'belenos' · 65d66574
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Add city level geoip database to Belenos from multiverse
      The upstream package install script come utility has been modified to also download the compressed (gz,xz,zip) source CSVs to the package's directory in /usr/share/doc.  It is then possible to modify the database by editing those and rebuilding the databases with /usr/lib/geoip/geoip-generator from package geoip-bin.
      The 'new' code is simply a refactored copy of the binary download code already in the install/utility script.
      See https://trisquel.info/en/issues/13927
      See merge request !67
    • Andrew M. 'Leny' Lindley's avatar
      Fix ui6274 Picard references non-FSDG plugins repo · 208e3f38
      Andrew M. 'Leny' Lindley authored
      Correct changelog comment as per code review
      Change to hiding Download Plugin button with ...setVisible(False)
      Built and tested for Toutatis and Belenos
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      Merge branch 'haskell' into 'belenos' · 0b3778cb
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Bring recent Haskell tools
      When you start working with Haskell - developing or installing packages from source - the first step is to install the platform. The two required tools (which can be used to install all the others) are GHC and cabal-install.
      Debian has packages for them both, but their versions are getting old. Developers use more recent versions, which usually means they download from external, such as PPAs or the Haskell Platform. Ubun7u inherits these from Debian, and Trisquel inherits them from Ubun7u.
      This merge request brings the recent stable recommended versions of GHC and cabal-install from a PPA, so people can start with Haskell more easily without being confused by all the different external download locations.
      NOTE ON HOW IT WORKS: In the PPA, there are several GHC versions and each one is built using the previous one, so there is a chain of build-depends between them. I solved the bootstraping problem by having this new GHC 7.8.3 be built using the existing GHC package coming from debian/ubun7u. Jenkinds successfully built it.
      - The debian package is GHC 7.6.3-10 + some patches
      - The PPA package used for building the new GHC 7.8.3 is 7.6.3-9 (without debian's patches)
      Since they're nearly identical (I did a `diff -r` to see all the differences), I gave it a try. I was lucky and GHC 7.8.3 indeed builds with debian's GHC 7.6.3.
      See merge request !55
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      Merge branch 'branding-nginx' into 'belenos' · 05dd0ed3
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Add trisquel branding to nginx
      See merge request !64
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      Added "GNU/Linux" to rebrand. · 793e7ce9
      Ruben Rodriguez authored