Commit 604f09e4 authored by Ruben Rodriguez's avatar Ruben Rodriguez
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10.0/trisquel-gtk-theme: Set greybird-gtk-theme as Pre-Depend

parent 0dc1d89e
trisquel-gtk-theme (10.6) nabia; urgency=medium
* Set greybird-gtk-theme as Pre-Depends
-- Trisquel GNU/Linux developers <> Thu, 09 Dec 2021 17:47:46 -0500
trisquel-gtk-theme (10.5) nabia; urgency=medium
* Modified deployment method for symlinks
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Standards-Version:
Package: trisquel-gtk-theme
Architecture: all
Priority: optional
Depends: greybird-gtk-theme
Pre-Depends: greybird-gtk-theme
Description: Trisquel gtk theme.
A GTK2/3, metacity and xfwm4 theme for Trisquel, based on greybird-gtk-theme
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