1. 11 Aug, 2014 9 commits
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      7.0/trisquel-meta · 8c50322e
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      * Removed indicator-appmenu
      * Added i965-va-driver
      * Added extra gst packages
      * Replaced im-switch with im-config
      * Added all gstreamer plugin groups
      * Replaced Abrowser with IceCat
      * Added xul-ext-torproxy
      * Added electrum, tor, libreoffice, vim, gnome-mahjongg
      * Added indicator-session to trisquel
      * Added gst-plugins-espeak to sugar
      * Updated sugar to 102
      * Updated triskel
      * Updated sugar packages
      * Replaced gnome-session-flashback with trisquel-session
      * Updated toast metapackages
      * Replaced epdfview with evince
      * Replaced lightdm-gtk-greeter with unity-greeter, added ubuntu-mono, light-themes
      * Replaced remmina with vinagre, added gstreamer1.0-libav
      * Removed samba
      * Removed onboard
      * Removed gwibber and indicator-session
      * Removed evince and gwibber deprecated plugins
      * Added indicator packages
      * Replaced compiz>compton gdm>lightdm-gtk
      * Removed gnome-ppp
      * Added compton
      * Updated deprecated dependencies
      * ttf-dustin ttf-mgopen ttf-sil-andika to "fonts-..."
      * Removed gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg and libcelt0-0
      * Replaced hpijs with printer-driver-hpijs
      * Replaced ttf-droid with fonts-droid
      * Removed x-ttcidfont-conf
      * Removed ntfsprogs and hal
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      7.0/trisquel-gtk-theme: · 02b45381
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Applied changes from #12123
      Fixed menu text-shadows
      Tuned up theme
      Fixed borders in gnome panel buttons
      Updated to last Zukitwo upstream version
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      Remove nm hack · c312f185
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Updated gsettings
      Added script to restart network-manager after suspend/hibernate
      Updated gsettings for Belenos background
      Hide ibus icon in gsettings
      Disable switch user entry in gnome menu
      disable trisquel-wm-chooser
      Added mouse-button-modifier to gsettings
      Removed computer-icon-visible from gsettings
      Enable buttons in menus and buttons
      Updated gsettings
      Removed gnome-panel wrapper
      Run nm-applet in gnome-panel wrapper script
      Launch gnome-panel in the background
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      Added 48x48 libreoffice icons · 42ff4eaf
      Ruben Rodriguez authored
      Updated Trisquel logo icon
      Added monochrome icons
      Initial release for belenos
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  2. 05 Feb, 2014 1 commit